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Artwork Angels: the Digital and Bodily Blur


MBON: Who’re a few of your favourite artists within the area presently? 

CS: We love our total artist roster presently featured in our Area for his or her love of creation, assorted aesthetics and wealthy tales behind their works (Michael Callas, David Uessem, Flore, Ignacio Gana, Floyd Strickland, Abieyuwa, Jekein Lato-Unah, Blessing Atas, Yinkore).

Outdoors of who we’ve curated, our favourite artists within the area are Micah Johnson, Sinclair, Jesse Draxler, Amber Vittoria, Lethabo, Claire Salvo, Tjo, Mediolanum, nishant, Schauermann, Lindsey Value, Grant Yun, Wealthy Caldwell, Reuben Wu, Tishk Barzanji, mae, hemily, Bumpy, UntitledArmy, Killer Acid…the checklist might go on ceaselessly, however these are a choice of who we’re all the time wanting to see as they launch new works. The eclecticism of that checklist is why we love this area.

MBON: Inform us a little bit about your mission as a SuperRare Area, what do you must obtain within the far future?

CS: Our mission is to empower underappreciated artists, curate magnificently artistic minds and construct a neighborhood round a love of artwork. A large number of our bodily artists have digital origins, so it has been a pleasure to onboard them into this Area to permit their native creations to flourish in a brand new, unprecedented mild. 

We need to change into a digital sanctuary that fosters significant arts & know-how discussions, supplies perception for what’s to return, and assists artists and collectors in understanding Web3 to the fullest. Immersion is the longer term, and we’re adamant on bringing the digital to life in unexpected methods by way of this forward-thinking Area.

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