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Half 3 of 9: $2,000 Small Account Journey


Small buying and selling accounts get destroyed by the PDT rule, FOMO, and ingesting the Kool-Assist. Deal with these headon and also you may need an opportunity. 

WHY ingesting the Kool-Assist is an issue for small account progress …

… and the way my $2,000 Small Account Journey addresses it. 

As we mentioned partly 2, penny shares usually go supernova.

However they’re harmful for the dealer determined to develop a small account.

As a result of monster breakouts result in concern of lacking out (FOMO).

Which results in chasing.

Which results in catching the highest.

Which results in ingesting the “Kool-Assist”.

“Ingesting the Kool-Assist” refers to a dealer who thinks a doomed inventory has excessive rewards.

Which results in bag holding.

A bag holder is a dealer who holds onto poorly-performing shares, hoping they are going to rebound.

Remedying losses, versus specializing in realizing positive factors, is the foundation situation right here.

Bag holders are inclined to lose cash by being the final homeowners of a failing commerce.

Now I really like penny shares. It’s one in every of my largest providers.

I imagine they’re nice for the retail day and swing dealer i.e. massive fish in a small pond.

Buying and selling preys on feelings and these are a few of the largest culprits. 

  • Sample day commerce rule
  • Worry of lacking out
  • Ingesting the Kool-Assist

What if there was a small account technique that:

  • Mitigated the dreaded sample day commerce rule?
  • Worry of lacking out isn’t triggered?
  • A win or loss consequence will occur in a number of days to weeks i.e. can not bag maintain and due to this fact, no Kool-Assist

What if this technique had restricted danger, excessive chance trades that have been cashed up shortly?

Sounds too good to be true. 

It’s not.

I’m educating the technique and alerting the trades earlier than I enter and exit.

It’s known as the $2,000 Small Account Journey or $2K SAJ.

No technique is ideal. I’ll have losses right here. However that is one of the best one I do know.

Begin your $2,000 Small Account Journey at the moment

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